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Central Mass Athletic Directors Tournament


Central Mass AD Varsity Soccer Tournament

This tournament is conducted and managed by the Central Massachusettes Athletic Directors as a prep session for the MIAA tournament - the matches are similar to the former Central Mass Division playoffs.

A separate state-wide MIAA tournament will also be held based on power rankings and outcomes of season matches.  Please apply the format and rules for each tournament specifically to that tournament.

FORMAT '22 (click here)

Overtime periods will be played as necessary in the brackets. Two, 5-minute sudden victory overtime periods will be played, followed by penalties if necessary. There will be no overtime played in consolation games and non-playoff games.


Assistant Referees Mechanics

When the game format uses a three-person referee crew - each member of the crew MUST watch and understand the video on this site located here AR use of flags and sideline positioning in a 3 referee crew assignment. This is vital as ARs are not to be in the field of play with a flag and have certain signals that the CR needs to understand in non-verbal communications.

Clock Management:

The clock winds down and is stopped with 2min left in EACH period.

At 5min left in the second half ONLY, the clock is stopped temporarily for when the leading team substitutes, then the clock resumes when the ball is kicked and moves until the 2min mark.  This clock stoppage is only for the duration of the substitution.

There is NO added time in NFHS (HS) soccer games.  Clock stoppages allow for injury, time-wasting, and other clock management issues. Time outs are also a coach's tool for clock management.

The referee nearest to the benches SHALL count down the final 10sec of each period in all Central Mass games.  NFHS rule book NFHS Rule 6, sec 2 art 3c page 34

Time Wasting:

Please manage the tactics by either team to waste time.  Referees can stop the clock on dead balls for time-wasting tactics and long periods between restarts.  Referees do NOT need to explain why they stopped the clock - other than to say "time-wasting".

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