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Central MA Soccer Officials Uniforms

Recently soccer official working college and / or USSF matches were mandated to acquire new officials kits, standardizing the colors  and style  thereby making older uniforms obsolete - even if purchased last season.  This places a major financial burden on college officials - forcing the purchase of the new uniforms.


For Central MA Soccer Officials (CMSO) we will NOT mandate any similar policy. For the fall of '23 and '24 seasons, CMSO only requires that officials the same color for a specific game.  We are recommending any new officials and those replacing old jerseys to migrate towards the jerseys pictured below, the standard Yellow and bright Green. Black shorts, long socks (any number of stripes) and black footwear.  If officials working a specific match agree in advance to wear a different color ex: pink, orange, blue, red, purple, black) they may are allowed and supported.  The difference is that some suppliers have slightly different patterns and logos on the jerseys. 


The position of CMSO remains that the soccer officials wear the same major color, irregardless of the pattern or manufacturer logo (Adidas Capelli, Law 5,Nike, Official Sports, Puma, etc..many other places and online stores) 

Questions - please email Ron Judd using


Referee Uniforms & Gear

Referee uniforms & gear can be purchased via these links:

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