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Rule Intrepretations

Prone Player in Wall:

It is the opinion of the MISOA State Interpreter in MA and others that in High School soccer; player(s) laying in a defensive wall to prevent the ball from advancing is a "dangerous play" and should be corrected before the ball is in play.  If the player refuses a Yellow Card caution is awarded for unsporting behavior.

Clock Operation:

The clock is stopped with 2min left in EACH period.

At 5min left in the second half ONLY, the clock is stopped temporarily for when the leading team substitutes, then the clock resumes when the ball is kicked and moves until the 2min mark.  This clock stoppage is only for the duration of the substitution.

There is NO added time in NFHS (HS) soccer games.  Clock stoppages allow for injury, time-wasting, and other clock management issues. Time outs are also a coach's tool for clock management.

The referee nearest to the benches SHALL count down the final 10sec of each period in all Central Mass games.  NFHS rule book NFHS Rule 6, sec 2 art 3c page 34

Rule changes 2021~2022

Fall 2022 bring very few rule changes to NFHS Soccer (watch time 3:25min) click the image below for the video covering the changes;

Rule changes ~ '20~'21 (Recap)

Due to Covid-19 impact on the Fall 2020 season; the following is a recap of the NFHS Rules Changes that would have been in effect. (watch time 23:26min) Click the image for the YouTube video;

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