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NEWS '21

Clock Management

Central Mass officials should inform any clock operator for EACH period to stop the clock with 2min remaining and the official closest to the bench area has the official time.

The stoppage of the clock under five (5) minutes ONLY takes place in the second half (not the first) if the leading team substitutes; or if BOTH teams substitute.

NFHS handling Rule

Please read this NFHS Handling Rule carefully, especially if you work in other associations; player safety is prominently mentioned here!​  Two (2) images below, directly from the Rule book

Register with MIAA




Registration for the new school year will open on July 1st.  All officials will once again be REQUIRED to complete this process through the MIAA ArbiterSports page found here: (copy and paste this link into the browser).


Information and instructions for both new and returning officials can be found on this main page. Your support and professionalism for this important initiative is appreciated.


Arbiter Photo


Officials are REQUIRED to upload a headshot into Arbiter (even though the site says it is not required, IT IS for CMSO)


Add your picture to your Arbiter Profile

  • Save your picture on your computer. You will need to know where you saved the picture after you log into the Arbiter.

    • Log into your Arbiter account.

    • Along the top menu, click on ‘PROFILE ’.

    • On left side of the next screen, find ‘Account’, under ‘Account’ there are 3 selections, ‘Phones’, ‘Custom Fields’ and ‘Picture’; Click on ‘Picture’.

  • If you have put a picture on the Arbiter already, the picture will display now. If you have not then no picture will display. Click on the ‘ Browse’ button, you will then need to know where you saved your picture. Find that location on your computer and select it.

  • Once you have selected the picture, the location and file name will be in the box to the left of the ‘Browse’ button. Click on the ‘UPLOAD’ button just below the box. The picture you selected will be loaded into the Arbiter in your Profile section and will display.

  • Your picture will now display when your name is selected along with your other contact information.

To change your picture, follow the same steps.


There are two items to bring to your attention as the soccer season is upon us:

1)   For the fall 2021 soccer season, there is not a requirement to use game score sheets.  Coaches should be prepared to exchange rosters with the opposing team, as well as present a roster to the head official.  Game score sheets are available to download on the MIAA Soccer page of the MIAA website, if you do prefer to use one.

2)   Reporting infractions will be completed by using electronic reporting through Formstack.  All infractions must be reported by the host school athletic director or designated staff immediately following the contest.  The Soccer Infraction Reporting Form may be found HERE.  This simple, effective reporting method allows the collection of data to help determine tournament eligibility.  Timely submission of this data is necessary and appreciated.  The form is self-explanatory, however, 

Thank you for your attention to both of these matters.  Have a great fall season!

Cushing Academy


Cushing Academy Officiating Requirements for 2021

Reaching out with the Cushing policies for Covid for the Fall season. Although not ideal in all circumstances, this is how the medical team feels best practices can be applied in order to keep everyone safe and healthy while bringing outside individuals onto campus.

- Official must provide proof of vaccination to April Winter at least 24 hours prior to game time. This can be done via email ( or text (978-697-6430)
- If an official is NOT vaccinated then we will need proof of negative results from a PCR test 72 hours prior as well as a game day rapid test. These tests would be done by the official at a local CVS or other testing site of their choosing with results either emailed or texted to April

OUTDOOR SPORTS - NO masks required

FAQ: Post Game Handshakes

From: Bob Baldwin, MIAA Executive Director
Re: MIAA Handshake Protocol – Rule 92.20
Date: August 31, 2021

In order to safely maximize full participation of MIAA sports, the suspension
of the MIAA Handshake Protocol – Rule 92.20, will remain in effect until
further notice. This rule was originally suspended in July 2020 by the Board
of Directors. In an effort to continue the important role that sportsmanship
plays in athletics, the Sportsmanship and Student Advisory Committees have
recommended having teams line up facing their opponent and wave saying
“good game” or to have teams provide a cheer/salute thanking opponents,
officials and fans

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